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All maintenance requests must be in writing.  The following are instructions for placing a maintenance request.

1.Log in to your account. * Click Here to login

2.At the top of your Dashboard go to
“Service issues”

3.Go to “Add Issue.”

4.Type the details of your maintenance issue.

5.You will receive an email notice that we received your work order and an assigned ticket number.

Maintenance requests are received by our maintenance department during normal business hours with the exception of holidays.  Maintenancerequests received after 4PM Monday-Thursday or after 3 PM on Friday may not be assigned until the next business day.  Once received, they are dispatched to the necessary vendor.  The vendor will contact you to make the appointment for service.  Once work orders are sent to a vendor, it is their responsibility to contact you.  If you have not heard from someone within 7-10 days of placing a non-emergency work order, please contact our office at 863-473-4544 or email

Emergency Maintenance

Maintenance Emergencies are defined as follows:

• Electrical: Arcing, fire, smoke, no power, overheated fixtures, turn off    the breaker immediately.

• Fire: Call 911 immediately, then call our office.

• Heat: Only when outside temperature is below 60 degrees / Cold: Only when outside temperature is above 85 degrees.

• Structural Damage: Roof, foundation and walls.

• Plumbing: Flooding or stoppage of drains, turn off the water supply immediately. Tenants are responsible for any stoppages unless caused by tree roots or breakdown of fixture not caused by the tenant.

• Theft: Call 911 immediately, then call our office.

• Gas Smell: Turn off gas supply line then contact gas company immediately.

***residents are responsible for stopping any further damage from occurring, if possible***

After hours and weekend EMERGENCY ONLY maintenance can be placed by sending an email to OR by calling 863-446-0578 and leaving a message with the following details: your name, address, phone number and nature of your emergency.

*If you have not set up your online tenant account, please do so before attempting to enter a maintenance request.  If you need your account number, or any assistance setting up your account, please contact our office.  Please note, only lease holders have account access unless they provide, in writing, a request to add occupants to the online account

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